domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008

Everything's OK.

All he wants...
Nobody can give it to him.
He's not fine.
People don't believe in him.
He tries, tries and falls.
Life is not wonderful.
Everything's OK.
He can't walk.
So much glances around.
For his likes, perfect are his clothes,
But he's the only one wearing those.
Everything's OK.
There's plenty of life left.
Your songs, performances and words...
Beautiful in your life will go around.
Wake up from your reality.
Give life to your dreams.
Your feelings inside can't be described with a word.
You're not alone in the world.
He just wants to be free.
Thousands of wall stop him.
To watch the TV...
Blood on the skin makes him see.
He can't feel anything.
Cold people are freezing him.
Fight for what you want.
Your destiny is right there.
Unfold your wings and fly.
Take a star and show it to everyone.
Your perfect feeling can't be explained with a word.
You're not alone in this world.

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