lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Life nature

Why do we always fall for the impossible ones? Or better yet, why is people that is really worth it the impossible ones? Or is it that we like them just because they are impossible? I believe we only see them that way because we are afraid or don't work hard enough to make them possible. Do they tempt us? I think so... They are impossible after all and that makes them bad, renegades. It makes them wanna play with us, just like we see them in the movies. Maybe and more probable we tempt ourselves by our own because they're impossible. Once again, just products of our imagination, my imagination. Sometimes we don't see them right through and long time after we realize what they are for good or bad and when there's someone that maybe is for our best and is there willingly, we don't appreciate them, I don't. It doesn't matter anyway 'cause they're impossible after all... because we wanna, because we make them, because perhaps we are the ones with preset impossible goals. That's just life nature.

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